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Automate redundant tasks and easily create workflows with a few clicks. Connect two or more apps with drag-and-drop features and custom connectors to increase productivity. Get real-time updates when new data is added or executed.

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Unlimited Workflows

Create unlimited zaps to automate your complex manual workflows

Access 200+ SaaS Apps

Access all popular SaaS applications which are used in day-to-day business operations

Drag-and-drop Visual Connector

Connect the applications in just few clicks by using our drag-and-drop visual connector

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Automate Any and All Workflows in Your Business

Complete visibility of your workflows makes it possible to continuously enhance efficiencies. ZapUp is built to serve your business better.

App Automations

App Automations

One-stop Platform to Automate Apps

Speed up your multipurpose automation by integrating tasks, app management and customer management. Work with external tools to save time and money by focusing on other higher value activities.

Learn more about App Automations

Integration Management

Integration Management

Easy Management of all Integrations across your Apps

Manage integrations between the apps with a seamless integration management tool. You can easily update, attach or delete your integrations with the help of an intuitive dashboard.

Learn more about Integration Management

ETL Workflow

ETL Workflow

Automate Workflows Between Apps

Make your workflows more powerful and reduce time spent on manual process execution to improve efficiency and productivity.

Learn more about ETL Workflow

Real-time Updates

Real-time Updates

View Real-time Updates about the Workflows

Gain deep business insights on process performance and efficiences. Access the reports from anywhere.

Learn more about Real-time Updates

Custom Connectors

Custom Connectors

Easily Custom Triggers and Actions

Design custom triggers and actions to implement with cross-app automation.

Learn more about Custom Connectors

Drag-and-drop Flows

Drag-and-drop Flows

Create Zaps with Drag-and-drop

Build zaps with drag-and-drop that are easy to use and perform the action. With drag-and-drop you can save time without any additional efforts.

Learn more about Drag-and-drop Flows

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Great Platform for a proper organised B2B and B2C experience with ease.

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When you learn to navigate through it, it's a pretty good software.

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I had a question about how to make the most of a campaign, and was helped in a very kind and gracious way. I learned something new.

DNP Inc.

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Love this Responsive and very helpful support team. Great price and brilliant features

Nic Jude

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8 Amazing Benefits of Application Integration

Businesses should consider adopting application integration to achieve high operational efficiency. Before explaining the benefits of application integration, let's look at the concept's meaning to small businesses and large organizations.

Why Workflow Automation Software is the Key to Help Your Team Avoid Burnout

In a world where humans are constantly being pushed to the limit, workflow automation software is the key to help your team avoid burnout.

How Workflow Process Can Improve Your Business?

A workflow process is a series of steps or stages that are carried out in succession to achieve a goal. By following these steps, you can be sure that you're doing the right thing at the right time.

How to Use App Integration Software – 7 Great Benefits

App integration software is a great way to connect your business with new opportunities and potential customers. Learn more about how app integration software can help your company grow.

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What is Workflow Automation?

Automating routine tasks using a software is known as workflow automation

How Does Workflow Automation Work?

Workflow automation reduces the time spent on redundant tasks and improves productivity. Workflow automation solutions make sure that users can automate tasks easily with just a few clicks.

Who Uses Workflow Automation?

Let's shed some light on what are the companies who uses workflow automation.

Benefits of Using Workflow Automation

Workflow automation software offers some exceptional advantages to the businesses leveraging it. Let’s shed some light on such important benefits in detail.

What is Data Integration?

Data integration is the process of combining data from multiple different sources to make one complete dataset. Data Integration is usually done with Business Intelligence software.

What is the Need for Data Integration?

Data integration is an essential service for any company that desires to manage, analyze, and prepare data. It helps in the process of data collection, storage, retrieval and sharing.

What are the Benefits of Data Integration?

Data integration is the process of bringing data from multiple sources into a single source. It's an important task that requires the right skills and tools to be successful.

What is the Role of Data Integration?

The role of data integration is to tie together the data from different sources and combine them. The purpose of data integration is to provide a better understanding of what different sources are telling you.

How does Data Integration Help Businesses?

Data integration is an important part of most business processes. With data integration, businesses can better understand their customers and increase revenue with better marketing and business intelligence.

What is System Integration?

System Integration is the merging of an organization's different internal systems to make them work together.

What are the Methods of System Integration?

The methods of system integration are the different techniques used to plug electronic systems into each other. It is important to know which method is appropriate for your project.

What are the Benefits of System Integration?

System Integration is a time-saving technique which utilizes the advantages of two or more systems. It helps businesses to reduce the costs and improve their productivity.

What are the Steps of System Integration Process?

System Integration process is used for integrating different systems or different procedures of one system. This article outlines the basic steps involved in the system integration process.

What is App Integration Software?

App Integration Software makes it easy to integrate apps. You can automate workflows and sync your data with external apps like Google Sheets and Salesforce.

What is an API Integration?

Central to the success of an API integration is understanding how it works and what data your service can offer.

What Is Application Integration?

To help you garner a deeper insight into application integration, we’ll define this process further and why your business needs it.

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