Application Management System

to monitor and optimize integrations

Personalize and manage various apps in a single dashboard and make your processes easier by adding multiple accounts which helps in fast integration of apps across the enterprise and control over how they function.

Application Management System

Manage all Integrations with Application Management System

Quickly configure and orchestrate business processes by integrating apps in minutes.

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app authorization

App Authorization

Authorize your apps in the app library to personalize them with multiple accounts, which eliminates the need to authorize apps every time a zap is created.

multiple app profiles

Multiple App Profiles

Identify the app profiles easily before adding the apps to your list and manage 200+ apps with particular app profile names after creating the workflow.

personalized app library

Personalized App Library

Integrate more collaboration tools into the workflow by personalizing them in the app library and effectively manage all aspects of an organization's day-to-day tasks with application management.

What is Application Management?

Application management is the process of automating the tasks that are involved in creating, testing, deploying, and maintaining integration between systems. It involves many different tasks that are carried out by various people, systems administrators, developers, or other technical employees. All the tasks can be automated using integrated tools which allow them to perform faster and more efficiently.

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