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Enhnaced Email Marketing with Aweber Integration

Aweber is a popular marketing tool that connects customers with customers without any friction. It's very easy to use and has a straightforward user interface.

customer relationship management

Aweber is an email marketing tool built for designers. Aweber makes it easy to send beautiful emails, manage lists and subscribers, and track the results of your campaigns.

How Does it Work

Zapup automates your work by performing Actions (like “Add subscribers”) to complete an action easilyon Campaign monitor while a trigger occurs in another application. Add or update subscribers or even unsubscribe them, using the powerful Aweber integration and stay ahead from your competitors.


Create contact

Updates new contact entry

Create company

Creates a new company entry

Create ticket

Creates a new ticket entry

Create ticket note

Adds a note to an existing ticket


New ticket

Triggers a notification if new ticket is raised

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