Application integration software makes it possible for systems and applications that were developed independently to function together, creating new possibilities and efficiencies that reduce costs, reveal insights, and do much more. This practice allows separately created programs to cooperate to achieve the following:

To be consistent, distinct copies of the data are preserved in independently designed applications. Synchronization of the coordinated flow of several custom connectors carried out by various applications. Access to information and features from several programs that were each separately created using what seems to be a single user interface or application service.

List of Best Application Integration Software in 2022

1. ZapUp

The productivity-enhancing app integration tool, ZapUp by 500apps, automates repetitive operations and builds workflows by integrating different apps. This application integration software syncs data, initiates activities between applications, and receives real-time notifications. It integrates your favorite apps and services to create intelligent workflows. Some of the breakthrough features include: By seamlessly connecting applications, you can create an unlimited number of zaps that promote productivity and cooperation throughout your organization and automate ongoing activities.

Application Management: You can customize and manage multiple applications from a single dashboard, streamline workflows by adding multiple accounts, and quickly integrate apps across the organization while maintaining complete control over their functionality.

Real-time insights: This data gives thorough monitoring of your workspaces with a single picture of your workspace usage with real-time logs. By automating and streamlining processes, business apps may save time by reducing the need for manual data monitoring and accuracy checks.

Price: 39 Apps for the low price of $14.99

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2. Boomi

Boomi works in the areas of connection and automation. Atmosphere, the company's workflow automation software solution, facilitates the integration of cloud platforms, software-as-a-service programs, and on-premises systems. Application integrations are configured using a visual interface by AtomSphere. Various versions of the AtomSphere platform are offered, depending on the use case and capability.

It offers the following features:

  • Simple drag-and-drop user interface.
  • Large library of connectors
  • Pre-built integration procedures and reusable components
  • Support for all essential communication and integration patterns
  • A centralized reporting console
  • Streamlined management with one-click deployment.

Price: On Request

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3. Celigo is a solution that Celigo offers as the best application integration software platform. Organizations can use application integration software to connect apps, integrate data, and automate procedures. A visual field mapping interface, an API helper, and drop-down options are all part of Celigo's integration process. To enable customers to build their library of reusable, independent flows, the tool also provides reusable, pre-configured integration templates.

Other features include:

Pre-built automation: Utilizing built-in best practices, you can automate business operations up to 100%.

It is comprehensible to non-IT users: Users who are not technically savvy feel comfortable automating their business procedures.

Deployable development tools: Technical users can create complicated integrations using strong app integration software and bespoke code.

Access limits based on roles make sure that nobody but authorized team members can create or modify integrations.

Business-grade security:

  • SSO is included in enterprise-grade data security.
  • Built-in compliance with all applicable international data privacy legislation
  • Celigo iPaaS
  • Integration with numerous apps
  • Integrations for the entire organization

Price: On Request

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4. Flowgear

Using Flowgear, organizations of all sizes can create effective applications, data, and API integrations with Flowgear using a single interface. Developers and non-technical people can quickly establish, modify, and maintain enterprise-grade connectors using the scalable platform. A simple code free visual builder.


  • Base: $999
  • Standard: $1,999
  • Professional: $3,999
  • Enterprise: Custom

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5. Jitterbit

which comes with a large collection of pre-built connectors and templates, is an additional benefit.

To maximize the effectiveness of cloud integration, Flowgear is a cloud-native platform that makes use of the same technologies as the SaaS apps it supports.

Jitterbit provides API translation and cloud data integration capabilities. Jitterbit Harmony, the company's flagship solution, enables businesses to plan, implement, and control the whole integration process. The platform offers a graphical user interface for guided drag-and-drop configuration, pre-built template integration, and the potential to embed artificial intelligence into applications. The solution may be used in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, and it can feed aggregated data to real-time analytics.

Some of its features include:

  • On-premise or cloud-based delivery options are available
  • Web-based Dashboard
  • Out-of-the-box, intuitive EDI tools
  • Advanced EDI capabilities
  • Consistent performance and dependability
  • Reliable customer support

Price: On Request

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Why Should Businesses Use Application Integration Software?

Application integration software is primarily responsible for bridging the gap between various departmental software systems to more effectively control data flow and exchange it across many applications. Businesses can profit from the following thanks to the user-friendly interface:

  • Better Information Exchange

The best application integration software streamlines data collection, establishes data storage, and gets rid of duplications. With EAI serving as the single point of entry for data access across several departments, less time is lost searching for information, and the data is always current, or more precisely, real-time data is available.

  • A Cost-Effective Solution

A crucial step in synchronizing your data is integrating your apps across several clouds. The deployment of integration runtimes across several clouds is made possible by the best application integration software, which serves as an integration solution. By placing your deployments close to your applications, you may cut costs by reducing the need to move data across platforms and benefit from lower latency because operations happen directly in the cloud.

  • Flexibility

A company may quickly adapt to the rising demands of its customers thanks to the integration of various applications. Application integration software combines the functionality and data of many applications into a single, simplified business process, which removes obstacles and results in optimized business processes. Along with the above benefits, application integration software aids businesses in multiple other ways, like automating the workflow, increasing agility, improving system security, increasing the efficiency of the employees, and much more.

Boost your Productivity with App Integration Software

Here are five application integration software that will undoubtedly help your company.

Summing it Up

It might be challenging to locate the best workflow management system that will meet your company's demands and expectations. Faster and more accurate data have never been more crucial to a company's success in a mobile-driven market. Therefore, the best application integration software technologies must be an integral component of any enterprise infrastructure, regardless of its size.

By creating reusable processes and featuring versatile information exchange capabilities, ZapUp can be a one-stop solution for all your API needs.

What Makes the Best App Integration Software?
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