<p>The lasting solution that can put an end to chaos and help achieve business objectives sooner is streamlining all your tasks in a workflow. Favorable workflow management is a boon to productivity. When workflows are created, automated, and organized effectively, understanding each step becomes easier. That is exactly what this software does. Great examples of well-rounded and affordable workflow management softwares are ZapUp and BPMApp, both of which are available under the 500apps SaaS franchise.

What is Workflow Software?

Workflow software is designed to make work processes easier, optimizing paths for data. It is a management software set up and designed for monitoring defined tasks. It helps in automating processes by reducing manual efforts involved in management.

Workflow software provides a well-planned and structured approach for the smooth running of business processes, all the while reducing the resources involved in the process. It increases customer consistency, leaving room for customer response predictability.

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Workflow software can have a dramatic, positive effect on productivity and efficiency. Nonetheless, employees are more constructive and administrators waste less time organizing data when a workflow software system is implemented.

Workflow improvement projects that last for months and years are more liable to fail. This can be due to the sophistication of the software and problems involved in training administrators. By choosing a workflow management tool that concentrates on ease of use and immediate adoption, missions can hit milestones and transmit revenue faster.

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Why Should Businesses Use Them?

It is easy to implement modifications in businesses, allowing improvements in administration and simplification of business operations. Workflow software as an automated system identifies and improves various processes that ensure a team accomplishes its work and objectives.

To ensure that business plans, presentations, and appointments go over smoothly, they all have to be streamlined into a workflow. Proper workflow management has a lot of benefits. One of those is the fact that it prevents errors. And when it does happen, the software pinpoints the exact location and also prevents its reoccurrence.

Data on how work occurs is slowly compressed in a workflow management system as you use it more. You can use the information to modify workflows, prevent mistakes and create stronger relations between people and software. Workflow automation squeezes out shadow tasks. Everything happens out in the open, with more management over data accessibility than before. Managers can prefer to show or hold back sensitive data about specific job roles or teams.

Workflow management software connects people to their software and work culture. A system that can interact with links and information between diverse software tools and run workflows between them. It also provides staff members with reminders and task alerts. Organizations with workflow software can eliminate manual tasks allowing employees to spend more time assisting customers. This can improve customer experience. Data can easily be analyzed, collected and shared within an organization to improve performance.

Five Best Workflow Software

As expected, a workflow is not a one-way app as there are several. They include:


Belonging to the famed 500apps’ Suite comprising 37+ other sublime tools is ZapUp. The software is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all kinds of users; be it an individual, small company, or large company. ZapUp software is an app integration software used to create workflows by connecting multiple apps to increase productivity. It automates workflow creation and monitoring in a manner that boosts every department and every employee in the business, as well as the employer. The software gives Visual Editor Tools to link to favorite apps and develop custom workflows to suit certain needs. With an enthralling user interface that functions via visual drag-and-drop building instead of skill-intensive coding, ZapUp helps to compile and organize activities in a single log from which you can keep tabs on. It also sends updates in real-time to ensure proper and effective supervision.

Moreover, integrations with BPMApp and BotPath further increase human-free functionality across business processes, giving business owners the full premium automated business experience.

It is rather surprising that this vast array of features, including unlimited access to the entire 500apps’ Suite, is available at just $14.99. This makes ZapUp perhaps the best workflow software in terms of functionality-to-price ratio.

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Zapier is a Workflow Management System that does all the basics, and more. Apart from creating and managing workflows, Zapier also has several features which make it stand heads and shoulders above most others. It is designed in such a way that it not only creates workflows for the user but also simplifies in ways such as automation of low-value and repetitive tasks. Moreover, Zapier allows users to motor individual tasks and interact with them on a basic level, apart from just monitoring them in the general workflow log. This ensures that tasks needed to be performed independently can be monitored as such, before being integrated into the context of the workflow process.

Zapier also has the amazing feature that allows it to tell integrated apps what to do, and when to do it. This allows them to predefine and present their workflows in a productive sequence to reduce the workload and save a lot of time. With 1000+ applications compatible with Zapier, it is crystal clear how effective this feature is for businesses that desire true automation.

All these come with a free plan with limited functionality, and monthly subscription plans ranging from $19 to $599, with varying degrees of features.

Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow is a app integration tool designed to automate, simplify and disseminate information movement across tasks and employees in the business. This involves designing workflows that could possess multiple steps for easier execution. The automated workflows boost productivity greatly and, on their own, accomplish a lot of peripheral tasks that would otherwise prove to be pesky time consumers. Zoho Flow is also popular for its superb integration design that allows several relevant applications in the user workspace to work in synergy.

With Zoho Flow serving as a bridging platform as well, several applications are able to function as one big application by seamlessly transferring information between one another. This bridging does not only work for applications but also departments. Zoho Flow facilitates team and department collaborations by automating the transfer of information and execution of their workflows accordingly; building cooperation and increasing productivity. Zoho Flow also possesses the functionality that enables users to set their workflows within the frames of pre-existing templates, instead of spending time designing others from scratch.

Zoho Flow comes with a 15-day free trial, after which it has several flexible subscription plans, depending on what kind of organization or business is looking to procure the services.


The “If This Then That” is a very peculiar and futuristic application, considering the wide range of use cases in sports. It not only automates business but entire lives. IFTTT is designed to make interconnectivity of the internet to convert life into one big automated workflow. It is very much unlike other dedicated workflow tools with its much broader and automated functionality.

IFTTT is adapted to not just office use, but also home use as well. It is as compatible with office applications as it is with smart fridges and sophisticated household appliances. It is reputed to have over 700 adaptable integrations to which users can adapt their tasks with animated automation. This allows it to serve as a conduit for information and procedures to flow through different applications to reach completion.

In spite of its highly automated features, it has a surprising no-code interface, allowing users to utilize it properly without needing the skills or the stress of coding. IFTTT might be more suited for household use, but it can still do much in the office sphere as well.

It has a free plan that allows limited features, as well as Pro and Pro+ plans. The Pro plan goes for $5 while the Pro+ goes for double the amount, with both affording 7-day trial periods.


Kissflow is a cloud-based forms automation solution offered that automates business processes and tracks performance. Designed with particular deference to people with low or zero tech and coding skills, Kissflow is all-inclusive workflow software that makes sure every person is empowered to create personal or team workflows, and also execute joint workflows with ease. It also ensures that several workflows involving different applications and processes are all aggregated on one platform. This encourages simplistic tracking and easy adherence. Kissflow also has the impressive feature of not just reporting on the execution of the workflow but also analyzing such reports in detail. This not only facilitates employee evaluation but also helps identify and surmount challenges. The product also gives purchase order organization, payment-process authorizations, and purchase-requisition workflow operations.

Kissflow integrates with Google Apps and other cloud-based applications such as WebHooks and Zapier End Point using integration APIs (application programming interface). It effectively works with other applications to initiate requests, and view pending tasks.

Kissflow’s Basic plan comes with a $10 subscription price tag, with the Advanced and Fully Loaded plans coming at $9.90 and $19 respectively. There is also the option of a Custom plan, depending on user requirements and budget.


A workflow app helps reduce redundancies and creates value for businesses. As there is a lack of congestion, it helps you choose those individuals that are best suited to run the business. The automation of tasks reduces error which improves the quality of products and services. With the vast array of services a workflow management system could offer, in addition to improving productivity a lot more and making work a lot less difficult, it is a worthwhile resource for proactive businesses to have in the inventory.

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