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Workflow Automation Integrations

Make It Easier To Organize Your Leads and Increase Your Sales is a tool with comprehensive Contacts and Accounts Management, Pipeline Management, Sales Analytics, and powerful Sales Automation.

Customer Relationship Management

Capture, nurture, and measure the likelihood of your leads becoming potential buyers. Ensure proper follow-up to guide them through the sales pipeline towards conversion.

How Does it Work?

ZapUp automates your work by merging Triggers (like “New Contact”) and Actions (like “Create a Contact”) to complete an action easily in one application while a trigger occurs in another application. ZapUp’s integration with helps you deal with CRM activities smoothly for all small and medium sized businesses by easily performing actions like creating new cases and tasks.


New contact

Triggers an update on any new contact is added

New next action

Triggers when new action is recorded

New won deal

Triggers an update on any new deal is recorded

Contact updated

Triggers an update on any new contact is added


Create contact

Updates new contact entry

Create note

Creates a new note

Update conatct

Updates the contact information

Update note

Update the note

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