Custom Connectors

for easy cross-app automation

Create a custom flow that handles plenty of steps automatically indicating that you save time and don't have to re-do work every time some change in the data is demanded.

Custom Connectors

Manage Flows Across Multiple Apps with Custom Connectors

Create your custom workflow with customized triggers and actions where you can choose from a list of attributes.

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visual editor

Visual Editor

Use the drag-and-drop intuitive workflow editor to integrate more apps, automate processes by defining complex workflows effortlessly thereby increasing team productivity exponentially.

customized workflows

Customized Workflows

Create custom workflows based on your business needs by selecting a set of predefined workflows and editing logic or running them as needed to automate work with a single click of a triggering point.

data security

Data Security

Connect applications and migrate data across the organisation with high security, eliminates silos that prevent different teams and departments from sharing ideas and fosters a collaborative culture.

What are Custom Connectors?

Custom connectors are a new feature inflow that allows any app to connect to flow and start sending data. Custom connectors work with apps on both the Mac and iOS platforms. Custom connectors can be used for many purposes, such as automatically updating a Google Sheet, syncing files from Dropbox to a project folder, or creating a new issue from Slack.

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