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Build smart workflows by integrating your favorite apps and services to sync data, trigger actions between apps, get real-time alerts and more.

Easily automate your processes

  • Build powerful workflows in just a few clicks.

  • Choose integrations from a large collection of apps.

  • Choose integrations from a large collection of apps.

  • Apply app-specific triggers and actions to speed work up.

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best app integration software

Automate Workflows

Automate workflows to create and manage complex tasks without any manual efforts. Use app-based triggers and actions to perform predefined tasks, set time delays between two actions, add your own variations and much more.

automate workflows
visual editor

Visual Editor

Create, edit and manage advanced and custom workflows in no time using a smart drag-and-drop builder to connect apps and services and automate processes to increase productivity.

connect multiple apps

Connect Multiple Apps

Connect multiple apps to a single workflow to get more actions done faster.

third-party features

Third-party Features

Add third-party features by adding nodes and making changes the way you want.



Build complex workflows easily with a drag-and-drop editor.

smart actions

Smart Actions

Perform smart actions to get the automation happen in an instant with the help of Zapu

built-in triggers

Built-in Triggers

Make use of built-in triggers while defining flows or performing automation across the apps.

customized workflows

Customized Workflows

Build workflows to suit your unique business needs.

play or pause flows

Play or Pause Flows

Manage your apps flows with the play or pause button and get complete control.

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Integrate Apps

Connect and integrate with your favorite apps that come with pre-defined triggers and actions. Make authentication easier with one-step authentication process. Seamless integration simplifies the automation of tasks and processes.

integrate apps
app suggestions

App Suggestions

Get intelligent apps suggestions according to your usage.

secured authentication

Secured Authentication

Get started in minutes with easy authentication and setup.

multiple actions

Multiple Actions

Perform numerous actions for each app that are based on triggers set by you.

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Data Integration

Use the data to combie the sets and gather real-time insights to perform across all your business applications. Organize and monitor the data needed by the users thus eliminating lengthy set-up procedures.

data integration
improve collaboration

Improve Collaboration

Combine data from different sources into one system which provide organizations with a holistic view of data that can be used to make better-informed decisions.

increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Seamless data integration allows you to combine all your data sources into one, making it easy for you to gain insights and hepls get your work done more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

go codeless

Go Codeless

Get data from different sources and put them together without having to code with the help of data integration.

error reduction

Error Reduction

Reduce errors by combining the data derived from the multiple resources using the AI functionality. A comprehensive way of data integration is reflected by using Zapup.

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API Integration

Integrate multiple apps to automate processes within business and increase team productivity. Make teams more strategic and productive with API integrations.

api integration
improved team productivity

Improved Team Productivity

Reduce the efforts for your team with automated API integration. Enhance the process automation and shift your focus to invest more on productive tasks.

make your teams more strategic

Make Your Teams more Strategic

Take your business forward by innovating processes and workflows with API integration.

cloud integration

Cloud Integration

Integrate different cloud services into one compatible workflow.

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System Integration

Increase productivity and reduce supply chain costs by bringing together customer data from multiple platforms into a single interface with system integration that connects all the individual pieces of information and allows interaction with data at scale without complex integrations.

system integration


Integrate external systems with an organization’s existing system to personalize customer experiences.

value chain optimization

Value Chain Optimization

Communicate more effectively with customers resulting in improved customer experience.

drive efficiency

Drive Efficiency

Integrate different systems easily for automating the process and drive efficiency using system integration.

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Enterprise Integration

Integrate different business systems to make communications easier and data sharing more efficient with enterprise integration. It involves creating a common set of data definitions, creating a central repository of data assets and integrating multiple business systems to share information.

enterprise integration
system interconnectivity

System Interconnectivity

Connect employees, customers, and partners, processes and apps to improve overall productivity & quality of your business through enterprise integration.

real-time updates

Real-time Updates

Integrate systems seamlessly through enterprise integration, which allows for more tasks to be processed.

increased productivity

Increased Productivity

Access information quickly, digitally, and collaborate with colleagues seamlessly, and produce top-end resuklts.

workflow automation

Workflow Automation

Reduce the redundant manual processes that you need to do for every project with enterprise integration.

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API Authentication

Prevent unauthorized use of APIs with the help of a security layer authentication. It usually requires you to authenticate your identity, provide a password, and generate a token. This token is then used as a callback when you make an API request.

api authentication
secured authentication

Secured Authentication

Integrate with the other platforms with easy authentication in one click using Zapup.

enhance security

Enhance Security

Enhance security which prevents unauthorized users from accessing the company's data using API authentication.

data controlling

Data Controlling

Sensitive data is an asset that can be lost if not properly protected and managed. With the help of data controls, companies can establish policies to manage and secure sensitive data.

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CRM Integration

Integrate CRM software with hundreds of applications in a seamless manner. These integrations produce automated actions that extend the functionality of your software, eliminating the need to switch between systems.

crm integration
easy integration

Easy Integration

Get the most out of their marketing strategy by increasing customer engagement and retention rates. It can also help them stay ahead of the competition by integrating CRM with other apps.

data synchronization

Data Synchronization

Syncing data in real-time can become handy for keeping your conversions up and your marketing strategy successful.

advanced synchronization

Advanced Synchronization

Push leads automatically to your CRM only when you determine that they are ready for Sales. That way, you can improve the integrity of your data.

connect without boundaries

Connect Without Boundaries

Connect apps without any boundaries to ensure a continuous flow of data. Automate the movement of emails, reports, records, and other data across your apps.

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Integration Management

Many organizations have a variety of applications and systems that have not been integrated into a single system. As a result, time and money are wasted, which is precisely what the Integration Management process seeks to avoid. Integration Management entails identifying, defining, combining, unifying, coordinating, and managing all project components.

integration management
quick integration

Quick Integration

Integrate apps quickly, easily and manage them with ease. No programming skills needed.

dynamic reporting

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting lets you track how integrated applications are working. If needed, changes to the integrations can be made to optimize efficiency.

task management

Task Management

Streamline processes and assist with day-to-day tasks, which will improve collaboration across departments while managing the integrations.

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ERP Integration

Synchronize data from different sources into a unified system where all information can be accessed at the same time using ERP integration. This helps you to have timely, real-time access to your information and get more out of your ERP system.

erp integration
process automation

Process Automation

Save time, improve quality, and streamline processes with automation.ERP integration is a big step towards increasing automation in the workplace.

workflow visualization

Workflow Visualization

Help employees see their work in context with the rest of the team and provide helpful insights on how to collaborate within a group using workflow visualization.

reduced human errors

Reduced Human Errors

Increase efficiency and decrease mistakes with the automation of ERP. This can help lead to success in the workplace.

enterprise-wide integration

Enterprise-wide Integration

Give employees access to all the data required with ERP integration and Seamlessly process during the process of processing certain data.

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Connect Apps

Use the integration software to connect with the apps as it has an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding knowledge. Connect with the most important business systems and improve the process automation to a greater extent.

connect apps
extensive connectivity

Extensive Connectivity

Stay productive and on top of the game at any time, regardless of whether at home or working remotely with smart performing and secured connectivity of the apps.

faster delivery

Faster Delivery

Connect apps to quicken the process and provides a customizable interface for a range of people to use to automate the workplace.

drive real-time interactions

Drive Real-time Interactions

Share information in real time with all employees by connecting different apps to increase efficiency and transparency.

improved test productivity

Improved Test Productivity

Cut down testing time by connecting an app to other apps provides data for other apps to use in their work.

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Automate Apps

Automate the organizational tasks across various platforms. It can be integrated with email platforms, calendars, and more to create a seamless user experience. In addition, automating the apps has a wide range of advantages such as automating customer support, bulk email sending capabilities, and scheduling outbound calls.

automate apps
automate quickly and securely

Automate Quickly and Securely

Help your company to become more agile and efficient in managing tasks and projects by automating apps.

boost efficiency

Boost Efficiency

Access information digitally, collaborate with colleagues in real time, and produce far more efficient results by automating apps quickly.

simplified work processes

Simplified Work Processes

Connect your cloud apps, data, and services seamlessly to simply the work process with hundreds of integrations and thousands of templates.

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Automate Process

Decrease the need for human deliberation, exertion or response while performing a task using automation which has the potential. It can also be integrated seamlessly into your current workflow - automatically reacting to previous actions.

automate process
drag-and-drop solution

Drag-and-drop Solution

Build and automate process in an innovative way using drag and drop functionality.

handle complex processes

Handle Complex Processes

Allow business to be more efficient and provide better quality work each time with automation.

integrate easily

Integrate Easily

Integrate easily to most popular apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Stripe, and Slack. Endlessly make the process as seamless as possible for businesses of all sizes.

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