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Application integration alleviates data duplication and redundancy while maintaining, managing, and keeping them up-to-date. Businesses and work processes can be more effectively and efficiently conducted by integrating applications and allowing them to communicate with one another.

ZapUp is an application integration software developed by 500apps that helps you automate workflows by connecting all of your apps and services on one platform. You can automate repetitive tasks across multiple platforms so the organization can save time. It's easy to create workflows with the drag-and-drop editor, defining complex and time-consuming processes into workflows and reaping the benefits of automation.

Getting Started with ZapUp

Go to > Find Productivity on the top section of the suite > Select ZapUp from the dropdown option under Productivity

Getting Started with ZapUp

How to Access Apps Library?

ZapUp comes with a library of 200+ web applications from various categories, ready to be integrated and automated. You can access any application from them and start adding to the workspace.

To access the apps go to Apps in the features tab. You will be able to find all the apps with their respective names and logos.

Accessing Apps Library

Choosing Apps from Category

Find the apps that you need to integrate and automate the processes between them from the list of categories available in the library. The list of categories includes CRM, Customer Support, Marketing Automation, Project Management, Email Marketing, and many more.

You can search for the specific category from the right drop-down in the Add Apps section or you can specifically look for apps by their names from the search bar.

Choosing Apps from Category

Adding Apps to Zap List

Once you have chosen the apps from the categories, start adding them to the list. Click on any app to get added, and you will see a window to add the API key and other relevant details. You can avail of the required details from the respective apps that you use and submit them the same in the provided window. Once the details are given, click on the Save button.

For example, if you want to add Agile CRM (from category: CRM) to the list click on the app name. You’ll find the window to insert certain details. Go to the Agile CRM application and get the API key from the platform and insert in the window being shown.

Adding Apps to Zap List

In the same way, you can start adding each app to the list. You can see all the populated apps in the My Apps section.

Apps in Zap List

How to Integrate Web Apps?

Now that you have added the apps to the Zap list, let’s get started with workflow automation by integrating the apps.

To do this, go to Zaps in the features tab > click on the ‘+’ button on the bottom right of the screen.

Integrating the Apps

No-code Visual Builder

ZapUp gives an intuitive drag-and-drop visual builder where you can integrate apps without having to use any code. The editor contains main 2 sections: (1) the list of apps added from the library and (2) the workspace to integrate the apps.

To start integrating, drag an app from the zap list and drop it on the left-hand section of the workspace.

Let us take an example where we integrate Agile CRM with Pivotal Tracker. We set triggers from Agile CRM and perform actions in Pivotal Tracker. To start with, drag Agile CRM app from the list and drop it on the first dropping section of the workspace.

No-code Visual Builder


Whenever an event occurs, a Zap is triggered. By enabling the Zap, ZapUp will monitor for the trigger event.

Once you drop the app on the left-hand side of the builder, you will get a window to select the triggers from the app. It is your trigger that initiates the automated process between your apps.

Pick Triggers for App

Now drag and drop the next app, Pivotal Tracker, to the right-hand section of the workspace.

No-code Visual Builder


By calling APIs and passing data from customized input fields, ZapUp actions push or put new data into apps. To create detailed workflows, actions should also return output fields that detail what was created.

Once you drop the app on the right-hand side of the builder, you will get a window to select the actions from the app. The action is what you want to happen automatically after the trigger step.

Pick Actions for App

Now the apps are in place, start mapping the triggers from the first app with the actions of the second app. You will find custom connectors that can be dragged from the trigger point to the action point. Connect the required triggers and actions to automate the processes.

Integrate Using Custom Connectors

In the above application integration done, whenever a new contact is added to AgileCRM, create a story in PivotalTracker with their short requirements or requests written from the end user's perspective.

Click on the Save button. Your apps are integrated!

The apps integrated get saved in the Zap section. In the same way, all the integrations being performed will be displayed in this section. ZapUp gives you the option to edit the specific integrations or delete them whenever you want. You need to just hover over the specific integration tab to get the options to perform the same.

Zaps History

ZapUp’s no-code automation platform makes it easy for anyone to create new Zaps or change existing ones.

What do You Get from Real-time Log?

ZapUp allows you to view the zaps made by any user in the workspace on the logs tab, even if the Zap is incomplete.

Go to Zap Log in the features tab to get [real-time logs] of all the integrations performed along with details such as workflow created date and the member who performed the integration. Also, choose the date range to check the status of any zap created.

Real-time Log

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