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Better Files Management with Onedrive Integration

Onedrive allows you to access any file anywhere along with its collaboration capabilities. Zapup lets you connect your favorite apps with Onedrive to automate work so you spend more time on important things and less time on mundane tasks.

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Onedrive is a digital storage service from Microsoft which lets you store and sync the data across your computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Easily accessible on many different devices, this tool offers unique features to make the hassle-free life possible.

How Does it Work

Zapup automates your work by merging Triggers (like “New File”) and Actions (like “Create File”) to complete an action easily in one application while a trigger occurs in another application. File cloud storage and synchronization help all kinds of businesses in saving their time and money. This can be done easily with the help of Zapup’s Onedrive integration that creates a new folder or subfolder and many more.


Create folder

Creates a new folder

Create file from text

Saves a document with copied text

Copy file

Copies an existing file

Move file

Moves a file from one folder to another

Change file sharing preference

Changes a file sharing preference


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