Drag and Drop Visual Builder

for a smart workflow automation process

Speed up your process with simple drag and drop flows, save time without adding any extra effort, and can focus on other important tasks.

Drag and Drop Visual Builder

Build Flows Without any Coding with Visual Builder

Create workflows for more difficult and time-consuming tasks with a drag and drop visual builder to get the most out of automation.

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smart actions

Smart Actions

Transfer data from one app to the other with event-driven triggers that speed up the execution process by defining the flows as per your business requirements.

custom flows

Custom Flows

Integrate using standard custom flows, allows you to be able to customize your workflows using actions and triggers based on the events.

manage zaps

Manage Zaps

Reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks by editing and deleting the zaps without having to create a new zap each time a task is automated.

What is Visual Builder?

Drag-and-drop visual builder saves time and money on processes that would otherwise require manual work from employees. These types of automation software have been around for years but they have become more popular in recent years as there is more demand for automation solutions.

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