What Is Integration Management?

Integration management aims to ensure that processes run efficiently and meet predefined goals.


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What Makes the Best App Integration Software?

Technology has brought a considerable change in the business environment. Businesses are taking advantage of digital solutions to increase efficiency. However, things can get challenging when there are several applications that a business utilizes. Keeping up with all these apps might be a problem. If different employees are to handle these applications, it means that you will have to hire more staff. This is where "Integration management" comes in handy. Integration management helps your business to effectively streamline its processes by working on the workflow management system as a whole.

what Is Integration Management

This post will help you understand more about integration management. There are tons of integration management tools you can use online. We did the research for you, and we’ll tip you on the most reliable integration management tool you can use online.

Integration Management Defined

Integration management refers to how organizations consolidate their applications into one system with unified objectives. Digital professionals use various applications to achieve their objectives at work. We live in a digitized environment, and it’s no secret that businesses require various tools to perform certain crucial activities in the organization. This makes it important to integrate these digital solutions for efficiency and other benefits as discussed below.

Importance of Integration Management

You may wonder why it’s important for you to use integration software in your business. There are a number of reasons why integration will transform your business.

  • Higher productivity

Productivity is always an issue in most organizations. Focusing on job activities can be a challenge with the many distractions employees have to deal with. Bouncing around many tools can make things worse as workers have to move from one application to the other manually. This might even require logging in and out of these apps and dealing with interruptions from the admin. Using an all-in-one platform helps to eliminate all this hassle. Integrations help to free workers from juggling between tools. An integrated system combines all the tools in a single dashboard.

what Is Integration Management

  • Better data flow

The idea of moving data manually from one app to the other is ineffective, unproductive, and time-consuming. Imagine a situation where you have to handle order processing in one application and log in to another tool for invoicing. This is a total waste of time. Instead, integration allows for data synchronization, which leads to a better data flow.

Automate Today's Business Workflows and Save Hours Tomorrow

  • Increased data simplification

It’s daunting to manage data stored in different applications. There is no real-time flow of data here as workers have to deal with disjointed systems within the company. Scattered data makes it even more difficult to collect the required insights for better decision-making. Moreover, this can lead to confusion. Integrated systems are there to streamline the process for efficiency and increased data simplification.

  • Enhanced data accessibility

Still, on the issue of data, integrated systems help to unify data in a single unit. Ideally, this makes it easy to access data without jumping from one application to the other. If all your employees can quickly access data from anywhere, this makes their work easier. It makes a lot of sense to invest in a tool that combines all your applications in a single unit. The benefits discussed above will help your business operate more efficiently.

So, which solution should you be using in your company?

what Is Integration Management

Introducing ZapUp

ZapUp is an App integration software that can help you to effectively combine different applications in your system to work together in a single unit. The good news is that integrating tools is a simple process with the drag-and-drop feature of ZapUp. The seamless approach to software integration is what your business needs to function optimally. ZapUp allows you to manage over 1,000 apps with a specific app profile name. The tool also leads to improved project outcomes since it boosts productivity within your organization. You can share accurate data in real-time and minimize errors when transferring data from one application to the other. Other vital features of ZapUp include:

1. App automation

2. ETL workflow

3. Real-time updates

4. Custom connectors

Introducing zapUp


Integration management is just what your business needs to function effectively while still using all the essential software that leads to efficiency. With integration, you get to work faster and more accurately. So choose ZapUp software today and benefit from integration.

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